Left over yarn

I had some left over yarn from my shrug and wanted to use it up. It wasn't enough to make anything big, so I decided to make a cell phone carrier. I am getting a new phone on Wednesday and it seemed like the best thing to do with the yarn. It's a great small project to knit without too much thinking. I started it in the afternoon and finished it this evening while watching the Olympics.


Well my Ravelympics project is finished.  I was all worried that I wouldn't be able to do it and I finished it on the second day.  Guess I didn't have anything to worry about.  I made sure to record my casting on time and my finish time.  This shrug was really easy to make and there was no sewing, which makes it that much better.  I think if I make it again though I would make the body part a little longer.  Here are the pics.
I am now awaiting my medal from Ravelry to show that I have completed my Sweater Sprint in the 2008 Ravelympics.

A new project & the Olympics

So when I had gone down to New Orleans I bought some yummy green yarn and started making a Reversible Cabled Brioche Scarf. The pattern is beautiful. My problem was that my yarn felt really tight and I just didn't like the way it was looking. So, as I normally do if I don't like a project, I frogged it. My husband and I then went up to his grandfather's lake house for the weekend and I knew I wanted to bring this yummy yarn and begin again. This time I chose the pattern Falling Water by Bonnie Sennott (free download on Ravelry). I love the pattern and I am loving the way the scarf is coming out. Of course this picture is of it unblocked. It will look more lacy once I block it.
On to the Olympics, or rather the Ravelympics. I was not going to participate in this first Ravelympics because I'm away for part of it. In the end I decided it's the first one I have to participate. So I joined. I'm entered in the Sweater Sprint making Shrug This from the book One Skein Wonders. I am very anxious to cast on. Only 3 more days! I have to finish before I leave on my trip August 21st, so wish me luck!!!

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