Bella's Mittens

Two weeks ago we went up to Lake Placid and I was able to get the Catalina Baby Alpaca Chunky yarn to start Bella's Mittens. I started right away when we got back to the cabin. I finished one mitten by the next day and almost needed them for fireworks over Mirror Lake (who would have thought July 4th would be so cold). I'm still working on the second mitten, but really enjoy the pattern. I decided not to use the magic loop method that is written in the pattern and instead am using dpns.

I started camp after that weekend. The weather seems to finally be cooperating and it actually seems like summer. We had some beautiful days at my beach camp where it was low 70s and clear. The humidity seems to have picked up, but still not terrible. Next week we head to New Hampshire for camping...let's hope it doesn't rain then. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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