She's finished!!!  I was nervous about making this cute little monster doll, because my past attempt at making a doll didn't work very well.  I didn't follow the directions exactly this time.  The designer said to stuff everything then sew together, I knew I had problems with I stuffed the ears and sewed them to the empty body.  I did the same with the arms and I sewed the eyes too.  I stuffed the legs and closed them and as I sewed the bottom of the monster together I sewed the legs into the seam.  I finished stuffing the doll and then closed up the bottom.  This worked very well for me and I think the result was great.  I'm really happy with the result and can't believe I'm going to be giving it up in a few weeks.  I'm sure the recipient will love it though.

Koolade Blanket

I finally finished the second baby blanket I was making.  It was like a dark cloud hanging over my head and now it's DONE!!!! The first baby blanket I made took 24 days to knit and that was with starting a new school year.  This second one took 4 months. It's the same pattern and it's very easy to knit, I just wasn't crazy about the colors this time around.  So it's finished now with 4 months to spare.

Now it's time to think about my Ravelympics 2010 project.  I had planned on continuing a WIP, but I'm not so sure anymore.  The WIP is a entrelac shawl that I started over Thanksgiving.  I've worked a little on it here and there and could really work on finishing it over the two-week Olympic period.   But I also got new yarn for Christmas this year.  My mother-in-law got me the book Bag Style by Pam Allen and got me two different types of yarn to make two of the bags in the book.  I'm thinking of starting one of those for my Ravelympics project.  Decisions...decisions.  Well, I have 27 days to decide.

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