Who says turning 30 is bad?

I've been a bad blogger. Nothing for 2 months, that's bad. I was in a bit of a knitting slump. I really couldn't find a project that was holding my interest. Then I found the Lace Spiral Scarf in 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. I had bought some Mohair yarn at Rhinebeck with a project in mind and it turned out it really didn't work for it, so it's now becoming the spiral scarf. I'm really enjoying it. I'm using my new Harmony wood interchangeable circular needles.

Last week was my birthday. It was fabulous. My husband gave me a beautiful diamond cross, some books, a DVD and a trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!! Disney is my favorite place in the world, so this is the most wonderful present I could get. We haven't booked it yet, but we'll be heading there this summer. My in-laws got me tickets to see West Side Story on Broadway, which I can't wait to see.

The final present I got from my parents a few days after my birthday. My mother had heard me talking about learning to spin and my parents decided to get me my very own spinning wheel. I'm so excited. I need to take some classes to learn how to use it properly, but I can't wait to start spinning my own yarn.

All in all I would say I had a great birthday. I can't believe how lucky I am.

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