I'm hooked...

On the Yarn Harlot's blog she mentioned a game that she couldn't stop playing. I started and now I can't stop. Have fun with flying hamsters.


Well it is not pretty, it's done, but now it's my Pooh Bear's hat and not mine. It came out way to big. I didn't bother making flowers for it because of it's size. Gauge does matter...and I didn't pay attention to it.

Casting on new project

I finished my cousin's baby blanket. It is beautiful and soft and I love it. I bought yarn to start another blanket, but haven't been able to cast on yet. The wonderful box that my husband made for the yarn (so it doesn't tangle) was a bit to small, so he is going to fix it. He hasn't had the time though, so I'm without a box. I don't want to start the blanket for fear of the yarn getting super tangled like it did previously. So, I have the scarf that I can knit, but don't really feel like knitting that right now. Therefore, I think I'm going to start a hat project. I am going to use the Basic Tam with Flowers pattern from my One-Skein Wonders book. Now to decide which yarn to use...

New Scarf

My major project right now is my cousin's baby blanket. The problem is that it is getting big and with the wonderful box my husband made I can't transport it easily (not that I mind because that box is wonderful). So I wanted a small project that I could take to knitting club and other places and why would I continue with any of my other wips? So months ago I had gotten some beautiful yarn from Three Black Sheep in St. James and I started a pillow. My problem was that with all of the colors I really was having a hard time seeing the pattern. So....I frogged it. With that marvelous Patons Decor First Spring Ombre I have now started the Drop Stitch Scarf. I like it and the colors do not distract from the pattern.

Hand Warmers, Cell Phone Case and a Baby Blanket

My holiday break was great and I hope everyone else had a great time. I had leftover yarn from my first pair of hand warmers and decided to make a cell phone carrier. It still has to be sewn together and a button has to be put on, but I am happy with the result.

I finished a second pair of hand warmers. I used green Cascade Pastaza yarn. The first one was started on New Year's Eve and finished around 10pm. I started and finished the second one on our drive home from New Hampshire on New Year's Day.

The baby blanket is not close to being finished, but it's the current project that I am working on. I decided that the Basketweave Blanket I was originally making for my cousin was too time consuming (because I have other things I want to accomplish). This Oh So Soft Baby Blanket is moving quickly and I'm very happy with how it is coming out. The only problem I've had is with the yarn. I'm using TLC Baby Amore and I found that it gets tangled easily. My husband helped me untangle the yarn and made a box with cardboard tubes to hold the yarn. More problems came when the cardboard pieces fell off the end of the tubes and the yarn started to get tangled again. He has now made me a solid wood box. The tubes that hold the yarn are aluminum and they are held in place on brass dowels. It is much easier now to pull and so far it is not getting tangled.

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