I had such a great time at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend.  Mom and I drove up on Friday night and spent the whole day on Saturday at the Festival.  We got to see a spinning demonstration, go to all the buildings (last year we missed some stuff) and then we even got to go to the Ravelry Party Saturday night.  I got some great yarn and some roving.  I still think I need to take a spinning wheel lesson though.  I tried last night to use the wheel and it just wasn't working for me. 
The great thing at the festival is that everyone is so friendly and ready to help you.  My mother went into a booth for American Heirloom rugs and the woman taught her how to make the rugs and let her sit and try it for a while.  My mom, of course, walked away with her own project, but it was so nice that she was able to try it out before purchasing. Also, the woman giving the spinning demonstration answered so many questions and was very helpful with tips.
At the Ravelry party I got to sit with some people that spin and they were also helpful with tips for spinning.  Everyone was so nice.  It was really cold, but I wore tons of layers and didn't feel too cold which was great. I suggest if anyone is in the Northeast that you should attend the festival next year, it's a really great time!

A new blanket

I've started a new baby blanket for another friend who is pregnant.  It's the same pattern I used before, but with a little change in color.  I'm using Bernat Cottontots Ombre Koolade.  This one has the same green and blue, but has yellow instead of purple in the pattern.  I'm hoping this will knit up fast, but it is a great pattern and very enjoyable to knit.

Everything seems to be working

I think I've finally got it.  Still need to add a few things on my sidebar, but on the whole I like the new layout. 

So back to knitting news...  I've become part of a competition on Ravelry.  It's a Battlestar Galactica challenge.  You sign up to do "missions" and receive points for your team when they are completed.  Currently I'm only signed up for one.  I'm working a shawl with some yarn I had gotten for Christmas last year.  It's going pretty well; the trick will be when I need to block it, as I have no place to do blocking.

I also started to knit Penelope the Empathic Monster doll.  It took me a while to get going because I needed to find size 5 circulars that were small enough to knit in the round.  My mother-in-law saved the day and I was able to get going on this adorable monster. 

I have also ordered yarn for another Easy Shells Baby Blanket.  Another friend from work found out she's pregnant and I had so much fun knitting the other blanket I decided to make one for this friend.  I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive, hopefully before the end of the week.

Fresh Fall Start

Trying out a new template for the blog.  Not sure about it yet.
I like this one better, but I can't fix the links at the top.  Bare with me through these changes.

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