Too Funny!

What do you think his foot has done to him in the past? Has it actually taken his bone away?


I just finished reading Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. It's such a good book. It gives a great perspective of death and what happens when we die. It's nice to think that we exist in this Elsewhere place and when we get to the baby stage again (as you age backwards) you are reborn. Really a great read!

Catching up

This has been a hard week to knit. I had my last week of summer camp. On Wednesday I was at a rehearsal for my friend's wedding. Thursday was the wedding day. We had an awesome time. The best wedding I've ever been to. The band (Pete Moss and the Fertilizers) rocked. We got to go to lunch the next day with the bride and groom and the bride's family. We were so tired when we got home, we both crashed.

Saturday we were out on a boat with some of my parents friends. We had a beautiful day. Today we went to see the place where my parents are moving and got to walk around the different models. It was very nice and very exciting for my parents.

Tomorrow I'm heading into my library to begin to set up for the school year. It's my first time setting up and I'm a little nervous, but definitely looking forward to it.

New Socks

Last weekend I was itching for a new project. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I finally decided to make another pair of socks, perhaps for myself. So on Monday on my way home from work I stopped at a local yarn shop that I had never visited, Wild & Woolly Wools. I walked into the shop and got a strange look from the owner, she asked me if she could help me and I said, "I'm looking for sock yarn." She then informed me that she is closed on Mondays, but would let me look anyway. So I came across three different yarns that interested me.

Fortissima Socka yarn

Austermann Step yarn

And Cherry Tree Hill yarn.

I started a pair of socks with the Fortissima Socka yarn. The same pattern that I used for my husband's socks, a simple Anklet pattern. The colors are great. I'm happy with it so far and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Secret Project

Well the "Secret Project" has been given to my friend Peggy. So now I can talk about it. It's a purse for her to carry the day of her wedding. The pattern is called Soiree Knit Bag and is suppose to use Crystal Palace Yarns Soiree which is a metallic yarn.

I used Lion Brand Microspun in Lily White and put beads on it.

It's seed stitch and then my mother helped me line it with satin.
She was very happy when I gave it to her this afternoon. I think she suspected that the Secret Project was for her, but at least I kept it a secret (I'm not very good at that).

In other knitting news I've been working on some of the patches for the patch afghan.

I do want to start a new project, but can't decide what to work on. Ravelry has offered me sooooo many options that I just don't know where to start.

Give it a Whirl

The secret project is finished. I will post pictures once the recipient gets it.

I started a bag on Sunday for a wedding I'm in on August 16th. I am in the bridal party and will be in a brown dress with a pink sash. I found this pattern in an old issue of Creative Knitting it's from July of 2006. It's called Give it a Whirl Bag, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. I used Lion Brand's Microspun in Coffee and made the I-cords in the Blush colorway. I think it is cute and will be nice accessory the day of the wedding.

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