CPH: The Beginning

For my birthday my in-laws got me some beautiful Malabrigo yarn in Applewood and the pattern to make the Central Park Hoodie. My mother-in-law had heard me comment on it when we went to Three Black Sheep. So I've been waiting to finish the Lady Eleanor before I started this project. This is my first real sweater (the baby one didn't really count) so I was a bit nervous. I went to the knit along at the shop last night and started. This yarn is so nice to work with. The ladies were very nice and I had a good time. I learned that because of the nature of the Malabrigo yarn I have to alternate skeins so that it won't look all blocky. In order to do this I have to carry the yarn up the side of the project, so I can alternate them every 6 rows or so. I'm looking forward to the next knit along night and in the mean time I'm loving working with this Malabrigo yarn.
I also got some cute place markers as you can see in the picture.

Catching up

I had finished some projects earlier in April, but never posted because they were for a friend's baby shower. My best friend is having a baby girl in June and I made three things to give to the baby. The first was an Upside-down Daisy Hat from Itty-Bitty Hats.

I also made another pumkin hat.

I made another Oh So Soft Baby Blanket. This one I did in purple and yellow. My friend, who lives in New Orleans, said that the purple and yellow would go with the sage green of the room, making it Mardi Gras colors. (I forgot to take pictures when I finished)

The Lady is Done

The Lady Eleanor is finished. This was such a fun project and I loved working on it. I only had problems at the end with the weight of the project, but otherwise it was great. I did not knit "backwards" as is suggested for entrelac projects. The fringe was a little frustrating, but came out beautifully. I did not crochet the edge like the pattern says, because I tried and it looked wrong. This could be from my lack of crocheting abilities.

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