Jelly Belly Baby Blanket

One of my good friends from work found out she is pregnant. I decided right away to knit her baby a blanket and maybe some other things. My mother-in-law had used the pattern for the Easy Shells Baby Blanket previously and suggested it for me. I ordered the same yarn she had used as well. It is Bernat Cottontots. The pattern is knit with two strands of yarn held together. I chose white and Jelly Belly (not know whether the baby is a boy or a girl).
I loved knitting this blanket. I really love the way the colors worked. The pictures do not do it justice. The blanket almost looks tie dyed.

Now it's on to the next project. I plan on knitting Penelope the Empathetic Monster for my friend's baby as well. I can't wait to start!

I also need to start looking for more patterns, so I'll have a better idea what I would like to buy at Rhinebeck this year. last year I felt so overwhelmed because I didn't have patterns in mind. I plan on being prepared this year, armed with patterns and ready to find the perfect yarn to match them.

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