Summer vacation is here! It seemed as though it would never come. I've still been slacking in the knitting department. I worked a little on my log cabin squares, but didn't continue for very long.

I did find a pair of mittens that I want to make so I'll have them done by the time the weather gets cold. I wanted to make them to match the hat I made up in Lake Placid. So, I emailed the store up in Lake Placid and asked if they had any more of the Catalina Chunky yarn. They said they did and have put it aside for me. I'm going up next week and hope to get started on the mittens then.

It's been slow

I haven't been knitting. I don't know what's going on, but nothing holds my interest and I just haven't picked anything up in a while. I had knit a baby sweater for my friend a few months ago, but never sewed in the ends. This past weekend was her baby shower, so I was forced to sew in the ends. She really seemed appreciate it. Hopefully sometime soon I will find something that I want to knit.

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