Snow Day!

Well Valentine's Day in New York was an icy mess. With a two-hour delay in the morning we thought it would get better, it got worse. We had ice, sleet and snow all balled into one. So of course I did not get to Barnes and Noble. Today in a complete surprise my school district called a snow day. Whoo-hoo!!! Or so I thought. I've spent the day getting caught up on homework that I will not be doing on my cruise and hanging out with the dog (she's been sleeping most of the day).
So tonight my husband and I will be going to the store. I have made some choices in my book selection. Of course they had to be beach reads because that's where I'll be spending most of my time. A few women in my school are reading Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin. I'm also thinking of picking up Marley and Me by John Grogan.
So now that I've almost finished my homework, I can spend the rest of the afternoon knitting!!!! Started the last ball of yarn on the Irish Hiking Scarf. As soon as that is done I have to decide if I go back to my blanket (which I should) or if I start a new project. I found this Cabled Hobo Bag that I want to make. So I'll have to decide...but off to the scarf before any decisions have to be made.


This past weekend my husband and I went up to Lake Placid for some snowboarding. Being this was my first attempt at any winter sport (pretty much any sport) I was quite sore at the end of the day. I did, however, get some good knitting time. It was tough with my sore arms, but I persevered and got another 40 rows done on the cable scarf. I did not get any time to read though (my other favorite pastime).
So this coming week we are leaving a a week long cruise to the Caribbean. Now that is just not the place to have a scarf sitting on your lap (especially when you plan on being in the pool - and a wet bathing suit with yarn does not seem fun). So now I'll get to read...the dilemma...what to read?! Because of school work I have not had much opportunity to pick up a book for my own pleasure, now I'm going to have ample time to read, so I have to find a few books. I recently listened to the audio book The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. It was fabulous. I was hooked by the first chapter. But now I need to find a book to keep me just as entertained. Tomorrow's trip to Barnes and Noble (provided the snow doesn't slow me down) should be very interesting and hopefully not too expensive!

Shelf Elf

This tiny elf can be very helpful to librarians! There are two books from Upstart Publications, The Shelf Elf and The Shelf Elf Helps Out by Jackie Mims Hopkins and Rebecca Thornburgh. The first book is great for an introduction to the library, great to use at the beginning of the year. The second book gives help to librarians when teaching the Dewey Decimal System to younger students. There are cute poems to go with each section of the library. One page even allows students to find what is wrong with the shelf. The copies I got included lesson plans. How awesome is that?!

First Cables

Who knew cables could be so much fun? My first thought when I saw someone cabling was, "There's a third needle? I just figured out how to use two!" But now that I've tried it I'm really enjoying it. I found this simple pattern on the Internet and decided this should be my first attempt at cables. Of course this project has put another project (a blanket) on hold for a little while. And that was after I put a poncho on hold. I love starting a project, but finishing it takes a while. My next question is how to make it so it could be a reversible scarf. As of now the one side has the cables and the other side is just the back. If anyone has suggestions I'm more than happy to listen.

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