Ravelympics 2010

I'm a Ravelympic champion.  I finished two events in the first 9 days of the Olympics.  I originally signed up to participate in the Bag Jump.  My mother-in-law had got me yarn to make the Formal Boot Bag from Bag Style.  I cast-on at 9pm EST on February 12th when the Olympics started.  I finished knitting the bag itself on Saturday.  It then needed to be felted, which I didn't do until Thursday the 18th. It took three rounds in the washing machine to get to the right size.  The panel that gets sewn onto the bag was finished on Friday the 19th, but I was still waiting for the bag to finish drying.  It was at that point that I decided to make a second project.  I wanted to make a hat to go with my purple scruncable scarf and found the pattern for the Calorimetry.  I entered the Hat Halfpipe competition and  cast-on on Friday night.  It was finished on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night I pinned the panel to the bag. Sunday the 21st I sewed the panel to the bag, sewed on the buttons and attached the strap.  It's been a great Ravelympics for me and now I just am waiting for my medals!


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